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14. 2. 2011 New dog
We introduce you our new one year old dog Guemart Giorgio Armani. Gigi has cheerful, friendly character. Even though the flight from Mexico to Prague took more than a week (somehow got stuct in Amsterdam), after unpacking packing box pop up absolutely balanced, "laughing" dog. We planning a show career with Gigi, so keep your fingers for us… :-))).

25. 10. 2010 Bonitation
Our Popouš (Emotion Poupée Nové Kasio) successfully passed the bonitation. His pedigree consists of world known breeding station lines as Parkside's, du Gué de l'Adour, Hunderwood, Bakarat. We believe, that he'll be a big contribution to our breed. We've added a short movie of Popouš in action. His own web page will be ready soon.

25. 10. 2010 Movie (link)
We have added a movie of our 3.5 months old Oonky – O'ona Nona Cambridgeshire (CH. Dolce Amore du Gue de L'Adour × ICH.

5. 10. 2010
News in For Sale section

2. 8. 2010
Our Popouš (Emotion Poupeé Nové Kasio) celebrated his first birthday. Even though Popo is a small doggy, he has a fantastic, fearless and self-confident character. He is absolutely conflict-free and as a first one of the whole pack gets acquainted with our puppies, to which he is very caressive. We are preparing his own website with comment: "How I was choosing Popouš". For more photos visit Popouš's photogallery

7. 7. 2010 We have puppies
Our Pepina (ICH. Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio) delivered on 7. 7. 2010 a long time awaited puppies. 5 puppies were born, 3 girls and 2 boys. Pepina handles everything well and even the puppies were born relatively small, they are very active. We bring photos of our children later, because Pepina don't want to lend them us nor for a moment :-))

7. 7. 2010 Shows
Our Emílek (Xcell Priority Nové Kasio) with Angelika pleased us well. 26. 6. 2010 took the World Dog Show place in Denmark in the Herning city, where Emílek got in his class an Excellent 1!!! Emotions were huge and the party with co-owner, breeder and especially a friend Věrka Kosařová and with her husband Aleš was also fantastic :-)).

I really want to thank to Angelika for everything she achieved with Emílek and to congratulate her for the success on WDS, from where she took the first two places away. Emílek's sister Xtra Beauty Nové Kasio got also Excellent 1, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

27. 6. 2010 We have puppies!
Puppies were born to our Fifinka (Fifti-Fifti Cambridgeshire) × CH. Dolce Amore du Gue de L'Adour on 24. 4. 2010. They are 4 beautiful, health puppies. All of them are very temperamental boys :-)). We have Fifinka in co-ownership with Mgr. Pavel Jaroš. One of the dog stays in our br. stat., others are available, for more visit photogallery of the litter N in the litters section.

23. 5. 2010
Shows2. 8. 2010
In Kaliningrad took the National dog show place, judged by highly regarded judge and breeder of yorkshire terriers Mrs. Anna Babaeva/Russia, showed by Anzhela Gorbachevskaya. Our Emílek (Xcell Priority Nové Kasio) was awarded: CAC, National winner, BOS. Many thanks to Angelika for a great prezentation of Emil.

18. 5. 2010
Shows2. 8. 2010
In Russia in Kaliningrad city took IDS on 16. 5. 2010 place, our Emilek (Xcell Priority Nové Kasio) got V1, CAC, res. CACIB, judged by Mrs. Senashenko Ekaterina (Russia), showed by Anzhela Gorbachevskaya.

9. 5. 2010 Shows
2. 5. 2010 a Club Show ČMKCHYT took in Prague place. Angelika Gorbachevskaya and her husband Sergej arrived on this show from far away Kaliningrad to show our Emílek (Xcell Priority Nové Kasio) and her beautiful CH. Wranglera Bakarat. I couldn't simply miss this chance and I arrived to see how Emílek present himself in the ring. Emílek growth into (as far as I am concerned -:)) a very beautiful dog, he matured into the beauty and he looks more and more like his beautiful mother ICH. La Perle Bakarat. It became Emilek with Angelika in the showing ring well :-). He has been very nice tidy, he has gorgeous hairs and he is showing himself with enthusiasm. Judge Mr. Zdeněk Kliment/CZ evaluated Emil with mark V4 out of 5 dogs :-)). I thank very much to Angelika for the love with which she cares of Emilek and for the professional handling…

24. 4. 2010 Shows
IDS 25. 4. 2010 Asenovgrad/Bulgaria, judged by Mr. Georgi Eftimov, showed by Věra Kosařová, our Pepina (Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio) – CAC, CACIB, BOS, so she met the conditions for INTERCHAMPION title!!!!! Many THANKS to Věra Kosařová for all the Pepina's titles. I'm so happy, that thay have made this long journey together… Pepina won't participate in any show yet, she has a „summer“ cut (new photos before and after in Pepina's photogallery) and we are looking impatiently forward to her children :-))

24. 4. 2010 Many news!
All puppies from the litter M are in new homes now. We are currently neglecting taking photos of our puppies… We are going to add new photos of the litter I during the next week (CH. Avanti Bakarat × Gain The Day Bohemia Platina).

How to care for a Yorkie

The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK. Its small size, silky fur, and affable personality make it an ideal house pet for singles and families alike. If you have decided to adopt or purchase one of these furry bundles of joy, you should know the ABC’s of caring for a Yorkie. By feeding it properly and grooming it on a regular basis, you will obtain a magnificent canine specimen that will surely catch the eyes of your escorts. Here are just a few tips that will help you turn your terrier into a fluffy walking jewel:

Royal grooming is a must

A Yorkie needs a lot of careful grooming to look at its best and feel happy. Without regular baths, the terrier’s coat will catch a foul smell that will later take over most of the furniture and beddings in your house. Nevertheless, because of its small size, it is quite easy to wash a Yorkie in your bathroom sink, and even a Prague escort from can do it between two dates with her clients.

A healthy diet makes a happy dog

Just like all house pets, a Yorkie requires a particular type of food. Veterinarians recommend that you never feed your dog any food that is produced for human consumption. Instead, focus on feeding your Yorkshire pedigree meals that have been specifically developed for canines. If you are wondering what brands of food to buy for your Yorkie, just ask your escorts for some advice. These sexy, beautiful women from the Escort Directory enjoy the company of small dogs, and they can use their experience to tell you which is the healthiest diet for your terrier.

Daily socializing with other dogs

Yorkshire terriers love to socialize with other pets, and especially with dogs from the same breed. Take them to the dog park where they can play and ruffle with other pups. A day in the open nature will do wonders for their energy and their need for socialization. Also, it will be an excellent opportunity for you to meet some of the hot women who are proud Yorkshire owners as well. In fact, your shared interest for Terriers will be the ideal icebreaker if you try to hook up with a Prague escort.

Leave your Yorkie with escorts

If you spend too much time with your Yorkie and it never meets other people, your pup will soon become very irascible around strangers. The last thing you want is a grumpy dog to welcome your friends every time they pass by. To avoid this situation, you should leave your terrier with some trusted companions now and then. The local Prague escort in your area is perfect for this "job." Leave your dog in her keeping for when you spend a weekend out of town, and it will make it feel more comfortable around other people.

A terrier needs monthly visits to the vet

Having a pet is a great responsibility. You need to feed it right, groom it, bathe it and take good care of its overall health. When it comes to Yorkshire terriers, the latter aspect is the most important. Terriers are susceptible to canine ailments, and they are very vulnerable to common colds. To ensure its wellness, you have to take it to the vet once per month. If your busy schedule does not allow it, you can ask one of your trusted escorts to accompany your Yorkie to the veterinarian.

Fun facts about Yorkshire Terrier

You will fall in love with Nove Kasio even from the first moment when you will glaze into their eyes. You little Yorkshire Terrier – or Nove Kasio – is a wonderful breed, they are the best dogs for shows and they sure love having so much the attention. Here are some things that you should know if you consider getting a Yorkshire Terrier.

How to take care of your Nove Kasio

Although it is small, your Yorkshire Terrier has a big personality. But they need plenty of attention and time with their family. They are lovable, they can be trained to respond to commands and they enjoy the company of toddlers and children, especially if they do not tease your pup. This breed adapts very well to apartment living, but maybe they will not be too glad to sit in your purse all day long.

Yorkshire Terrier might be seen as a toy pet, yet they have their personality and special needs. If some people already know that this breed is very sensitive, others would be surprised to find out that they are very playful and actually need exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. This breed is intelligent, but not the smartest, and you can succeed to train them do some fun tricks.

Because of their weight – 4 to 6 pounds – and looks, many women take their Yorkshire Terrier in their bags and are always accompanied by their pet. Although this breed does not accept loneliness to well, it does not mean that you have to carry your pup all over, either. You might enjoy spending your time, but your dog requires your company and it will become destructive if you do not give it the attention that your pup deserves.

Your pup is eager for adventure and you will notice this from the first week after purchasing your Yorkie. It is a happy breed, very affectionate with the owner and quite protective, so they can bark and threaten anyone who gets too close to their owner. They need daily walks – jumping all over your apartment is not enough for their massive amounts of energy. Go outside and play in your favorite park and let your pup loose to play with other dogs, as well.

What most owners appreciate about Yorkies is that this breed sheds little to no hair. However, weekly brushing and combing is required if you want your four-legged friend to look clean and neat. Grooming Yorkshire Terriers is enjoyable, they will be glad to stay still while you brush their soft coat and will even smile to you if you tie them a topknot with a cute ribbon.

If you have a yard populated with annoying rats, mice or other rodents, they will soon get lost because of your mighty Yorkie. Your fierce pup will run all day long for rodents, squirrels and the toys or sticks you will throw for this purpose. Play with your Yorkie, offer it the attention it needs, groom your pet regularly and you will sure have a great time together!