4. 4. 2010
We wish you happy Easter and a lot of presents!

1. 4. 2010
A new up to date photo of Eroe Le Moment Nové Kasio was added into the section For sale.

24. 3. 2010
On 20. 3. 2010 took the National dog show in Kaliningrad place, judged by Mr. Abrakimov Shamil from Russia, showed by Anzhela Gorbachevskaya. Our Emil did splandidly again!

22. 3. 2010
New photo
Our puppies from the litter I (Nové Kasio) are 3 weeks old, all are doing quite well and thay started to explore the surroundings.

12. 3. 2010
Shows + photo
Emílek (Xcell Priority Nové Kasio) and Anzhela scored again :-)). In Poland city Wloclawek took on 7. 3. 2010 XXV. ANNIVERSARY TERRIER CLUB SHOW place, 99 Yorkshire terriers were registered.

3. 3. 2010
We have puppies!!!
On 1. 3. 2010 female Gain The Day Bohemia Platina bring 6 beautiful puppies into the world, 3 males + 3 females.

19. 2. 2010
New photos
We added new up-to-date photos of Eroe Le Moment Nové Kasio. For more information visit the section For sale…

6. 2. 2010
We have puppies
Puppies were born on 1. 2. 2010 to our Emílek (Xcell Priority Nové Kasio) and Dominika Nové Kasio. They are three, 2 boys and one girl. They are the last puppies of Dominika and the first one of Emilek :-).

29. 12. 2009
We have recieved two news about our boys. Kaktus Douceur Cambridgeshire (owner: Brigitte Pletong) got 6. 12. 2009 on his ever first show (International show Kassel) very promising 1, THE BEST OF THE BEED, judged by Mrs. Erika Möller/D. Congratulations!!! Jazz Joven Cambridgeshire (owner: Michelle Samuelson) took on 24. 10. 2009 place at prestigious club show held by SYTS club (Sweden) and got a reward very promising 2, judged by Mr. Mark Burns/England. Congratulations!!!

10. 12. 2009
In Poland (Nowa Ruda) NDS took place on 5.12.2009, judged Ing. Leoš Jančík (CZ), there were 48 registered yorkshire terriers. In this show our Pepina (Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio)took part – excellent 2, showed by Věrka Kosařová and our Emílek (Xcell Priority Nové Kasio), who arrived on this show with Angelika from faraway Kaliningrad. But it was worth it… Angelika showed Emil in young-class, where he was awarded as excellent 1, JCAC, BEST JUNIOR and in his 15 months he obtained an award BEST OF BREED!!! We were very happy :-))

3. 12. 2009
A happy new came again. In the city of Kaliningrad took on 29.11.2009 National dog show place, our Emilek (Xcell Priority Nové Kasio) was shown in the open class this time!!! Many thants to Andzela and we are looking forward to another pleasant news…

26. 11. 2009
New dog in CambridgeshireShows
I've never desire to have a dog – male – at home, but the nature of our Emil (Xcell Priority Nové Kasio) fascinates me so much… After visiting br. stat. Nové Kasio and looking down upon puppies I said to myself: "I've had to have one of this handsome dog at home!" :-)) And so I'm introducing you a new member of our pack, male Emotion Poupeé Nové Kasio, who we have in a co-ownership with Věra Kosařová like a Pepina and Emil. "Pupík" is a son of our darling Perly Phantasie Nové Kasio (ICH. La Perla Bakarat × ICH. Popouš is a smaller dog with a fur of great quality and hellish temperament…

I would like to thank Věra Kosařová (owner of br. stat. Nové Kasio) for everything and especially for that, that she entrusts to our hands these beautiful dogs.

20. 10. 2009
Yorkshires were showed in Friday. Open class was judged by Mrs. Fon-Zidar Željka (SLO), our Pepina (Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio) – Excellent. Young class was judged by Mr. Chan Weng Woh (MYR), Emilek (Xcell Priority Nové Kasio) between 34 dogs – Excellent 3!!!!!!!, showed by Andzela Gorbaczewskaja, many thanks for a great presentation of Emil. We have a great joy, that Emil didn't get lost in a such competition of dogs. We believe, that he has everything ahead and he will be at least successful as now in a next shows… well, we will see :-).

3. 8. 2009
18. 7. 2009 took place National dog show Mladá Boleslav (Czech), Pepina (Pepsi Colla Nové Kasio) res. CAC, judeged by Mrs. Viva Maria Solecky Szpunar, showed by Věrka Kosařová. After this show went Pepina home, enjoy her deserved rest and gain strength for the World dog show 2009. Till this time she will not participate in any show. I would like to thank very much to Věrka for everything what managed with Pepina in unbelievable short time and we hope, that they will manage more in the future… now we are enjoying pampering Pepina…

23. 3. 2009
New dog in Cambridgeshire
We were going home in the count plus one :-)). Our kannel has spread thanks to an amazing 7 months old dog named Xcell Priority Nové Kasio, his mother is beautiful ICh. La Perla Bakarat, father is Ch. Valentino vom Woogthal. Věruš, we thank you very much, we will pamper Emil :-)).